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Biological Surveys and Consulting


For Private Landowners


Whether it’s the backyard or the “back forty,” all properties can have biological value. You can design your property to enhance these values and bring the wildlife to you. Not only does nature benefit, but you will enjoy your property more! We conduct on-site assessments and make recommendations on how to help nature flourish on your property.  


Urban Yards:

* placement and selection of bird feeders and houses

* landscaping recommendations to attract birds, wildlife, and pollinators

* lists of common birds, mammals, and butterflies you might expect

* brief on-site identification tutorials

Larger Properties:

* Surveys range from a single visit to detailed multi-season biological inventories.

* We can develop reports and management plans, ranging in depth.

* We identify potential tax benefits.

* Learn to identify natural features on your property with a guided walk-about.


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