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Getting Serious about Invasives

Forests are changing fast this time of year as the increasingly warm temperatures are advancing spring leaf-out. Just this past weekend, loads of trees started to "pop," namely willows, aspens, and birches. Other hardwoods won't be far behind them.

Among the hundreds of native plants that are sprouting their greenery are numerous non-native species. It must be stated that a great many of these non-native plants have little to no negative impact on the surrounding native plants. The same cannot be said, forever, for a trifecta of non-native species that are classified as "invasive" due to their ability to aggressively displace native species.

To learn more about this infamous three-pack, check out this short video we shot last fall.

To ensure that Garlic Mustard, Common (European) Buckthorn, and Dog-strangling Vine aren't taking over parts of your property, consider booking a site visit with us.

In the meantime, enjoy the remaining leaf-out over the next few weeks!


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